Found true love. Married someone else.

—Dave Eggers

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  1. 8/29/2009sarothroceras says:

    THE dave eggers? nice!

  2. 8/29/2009khowey says:

    A typing sarothroceras? nice!
    -oh and Eggers is awesome!

  3. 9/3/2009Justin says:

    Dave Eggers as in DAVE EGGERS? Cool!

  4. 9/15/200950 Stories Under 50 Words | Lit Drift: Storytelling in the 21st Century says:

    […] 35. Found true love. Married someone else. –Dave Eggers […]

  5. 1/16/2011A. Sloane says:

    This makes my heart ache

  6. 5/3/2012Alexander Tsurikov says:

    the best

  7. 12/14/2012Sasha says:

    been there done that

  8. 6/4/2020Calum says:

    The real Dave Eggers. Wow.

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