Lightning strikes graveyard. Defibrillation occurs. Run!

—Graham Edwards

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  1. 9/18/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    I’m shocked, *shocked*!

  2. 9/25/2009Mandie says:

    Maaaan, and I’m moving to a place where there’s thunder all the time. I guess I’ll be buying another machete.

  3. 10/9/2009Goose says:

    Oh man. Again? I thought lightning didn’t strike the same place more than once

  4. 10/28/2009wow says:

    omg! im officially freaked out right now like totally

  5. 4/25/2011jeppe says:

    When is the movie coming up!

  6. 4/25/2011jeppe says:

    I must see that movie!

  7. 10/15/2011luvieere says:

    Friday the 13th :))

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