Lonely scientist grows his own women!

—James Hazelden

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  1. 10/1/2009Alex Rochon says:

    Heavy metal concert ruined by electromagnet

  2. 10/10/2009cjniya says:

    For every step of human beings’ improvement, the pioneers did their best to carve out the way. Without these pioneers, we might still think that it is the planets move.
    People always say that we could never judge others by their appearances. It is true. Most of these great pioneers looked like ordinary people—- even more; they did not looked like popular. Take the Albert Einstein as the example, he had great mind and brought out the Theory of Relativity, he is the genius. But if you met him in the Swiss Patent Office, maybe he wore a blue lanyard at that time, could you believe that he is the genius? Could you believe that he is one of the great pioneers in many fields? To be honest, I would like to believe that the pioneers would be the ones you could see the sparkling of wisdom from their eyes.
    Also, I think, to be the real pioneer is very lonely. It is different from the heroes we see in the movie about the Westwood Movement. The heroes are the pioneers, too. They carve out the ways; they protect the women and children. They are the sun for their herb. But in the reality, the pioneers in the scientist field always could not be accepted by others. When the theory of earth moves had been brought out, Nicolaus Copernicus even did not dare to publish it until he was dying. He knew that as the theory of planets move ruled the world for hundreds of years; he could not be accepted by others so quickly. He had to keep silence.
    It is a great honor to be the pioneer, but it is also very bitter and lonely to be the pioneers. Anyway, the ordinary people as we are could never be so lonely.

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