Child support? Fuck that. Maury time.


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  1. 11/6/2009Ron says:

    Got child do the right thing

  2. 11/18/2009Jason says:

    Some men are trapped into child support by bitches who claim to be on birth control, but really AREN’T! Wear a condom guys, all the time! Unless you want your paycheck to be A LOT less! Having kids is NOT FUN.

  3. 2/7/2010Jeibi says:

    cold blooded

  4. 3/19/2010PC says:

    Dam straight ! I was lied two by 2 fat bitches now im paying for kids i didn’t want
    Bitches lie so wrap that shit up man! Peace

  5. 6/28/2010Paige Flores says:

    i usually stick to natural birth control methods because i am a christian, natural birth control has no side effects too.*,`

  6. 3/27/2013Amir K says:

    Fuck some damn child support…these hoes got me hemmed up for $29k when I didn’t know about these kids. They live 1,000 miles away…fuck some damn support…give me the kids and let the hoes starve…shut them tuna traps next time we’re ballin’.

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