Fixed line of code; saved world.

—Zack Ford

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  1. 10/13/2010Gary McIntosh says:

    Hungry; saving world with small byte.

  2. 12/11/2012Ian says:

    You compared the ebook pircing with the price of sculptures and paintings: A sculpture, a painting, a CD, an article of clothing that took someone six months to a year to create? Would four bucks cover it, J.? . An sculpture is unique and its prices could not be compared to an easily, and almost costless, reproducible item like an ebook. If you want to put ebook pircing in perspective, you should use numbers like an author writes a book a year, his books have sold an average of 20,000 copies, his ebooks are priced at $9.90, that means his ebook does $198,000 per year, If he got 30% of it, he did $59,400 per year. Not bad.

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