He never joined the Procrastinator’s Union.

—Chris Pollay

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  1. 12/19/2009Zylaa says:

    The Procrastinator’s Union exists? I thought they were forming sometime next week

  2. 1/5/2010Yeshwant says:

    This one is my favorite:)

  3. 1/12/2010Intenzity says:

    Missing Tooth. Darkness. 23 Frantic Minutes.

  4. 1/12/2010Intenzity says:

    Come and get your shit. Now.

  5. 2/3/2010Dazjae says:

    @Sir Pollay Bravo.
    @ Zylaa Nice.

  6. 7/25/2010steph says:

    :) nice

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