The dyslexic atheist never found dog.

—Chris Pollay

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  1. 11/7/2009Paul says:

    I feel like “dyslexic atheist never found his dog” would work better; however, still fucking brilliant.

  2. 11/20/2009Nicky says:

    That would completely change the sentence. Obviously he had it right. An athiest doesn’t believe in god. The brain of a person with dislexia will cause the person to see letters or numbers backwards or in the wrong order. Soo….. to a dislexic person god might appear to be dog.

  3. 11/27/2009Ashley says:

    oh my god, so perfect

  4. 2/3/2010Dazjae says:

    Honestly it’s perfect as is.

  5. 7/9/2010Millie Wood says:

    Tom Cruise have dyslexia and yet he is still a very successful actor.”*”

  6. 7/18/2010Alexandra Cooper says:

    dyslexia is not that debiliating but it is somewhat limiting to the kind of job that you can get,*:

  7. 10/11/2010Jocelyn Peterson says:

    my sister has dyslexia but she can live a very normal life eventhough she can’t read that much`:.

  8. 10/22/2010Humidity Temperature : says:

    dyslexia can affect anyone of use but this disease is not very debilitating anyway-;.

  9. 12/13/2010Door Curtains %0B says:

    there are many famous persons with dyslexia and it is not a debilitating disease. Tom Cruise is known to be dyslexic ~”‘

  10. 4/1/2011SteveO says:

    This six word story is WELL CRAFTED!!!

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