New escort service. “Oh… Hi dad…”

—Ben Ng

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  1. 12/8/2009Nick says:

    Oh shit. XD

    Escorted STRAIGHT HOME.

  2. 7/24/2010tiina says:

    ooooooooohhhhh crappy crapp crapp, now who wantzz 2 fuk me cuz i am soooo feeee baybii, if u wanna no who i am, search me up on facebook……….sadiia baybii
    thanxxx mwah i wanna hav sex wiv ya!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 9/9/2013Peggy T Edward says:

    The clown died and I laughed.

  4. 10/14/2013Dave Miller says:

    Lol that has to be a nightmare for any dads!!

  5. 1/12/2014Noizchild says:

    Oh, that just wrong!

  6. 5/12/2014joe says:

    all people have secrets and dont be surprised – that’s a life :)

  7. 5/29/2014escort torino says:


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