He loved her. She loved Jesus.


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  1. 1/24/2010Liz says:

    I like that one.

  2. 3/3/2010toma says:

    But he had drugs and ruffies

  3. 4/28/2010Lolo says:

    Saw a whole story. It had a sad ending.

  4. 8/11/2010Jake says:

    I know how that is.

  5. 11/12/2010Renee Parker says:

    This is pretty much me, I love Jesus and every guy that likes me doesn’t believe.

  6. 4/1/2011tb says:

    been there…still single..Jesus is the way. He will bring someone perfect in His time.

  7. 7/8/2013Past3 says:

    That’s how it goes. All the ones you’d want to be with are religious and I, for one, can’t deal with that type of thing.

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