Swine flu traps Big Bad Wolf.

—Prattle Assassin

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  1. 1/25/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Had meant to spell it “flue” as in chimney.

  2. 2/11/2010Beatrice says:

    i think that in asian countries the Swine Flu did not spread rapidly compared to those countries that are located in colder climates. we should still be very thankful that the swine flu did not cause massive infections.

  3. 2/18/2010Teddy Blake says:

    2 of my cousins in mexico got infected with the swine flu virus. thank God, they recovered well. it is a great news that the pandemic on swine flu is gone now.

  4. 10/6/2010Freya Harris says:

    swine flu scared the hell out of me when there was mass infection of this virus*.;

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