It cost too much, staying human.

—Bruce Sterling

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  1. 2/14/2010Curtis Beck says:

    Love this qoute

  2. 2/19/2010Интересно и полезно : Переговоры и Жизнь says:

    […] It cost too much, staying human. — Bruce Sterling — from Six Word Stories […]

  3. 3/8/2010Sapan Shah says:

    Fantastic. Truly deeper than 6 words visible. We indeed pay a huge price for staying human. All down the drain!!! But your 6 words are priceless!!!

  4. 4/28/2010Lolo says:

    Yes, yes it does, that’s why I’m now a robot.

  5. 4/28/2010Lolo says:

    GOT OIL?

  6. 7/21/2010jignesh b barot says:

    trully. your story is very interesting which tells us about the problems, we have to face in this world to stay human it is very costly.

  7. 10/18/2022west lawns says:

    Yes, best to stay human Bruce

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