“I don’t have Police, Mr. Marijuana.”


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  1. 3/4/2010Samantha G says:


  2. 3/5/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    “I’m not as think as you high I am?”

  3. 3/5/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Bankers intercept and hoard Passover 2.0 instructions.

  4. 3/7/2010Alexander says:

    Remember it’s: “Hi, how are you?”, not “How high are you?”

  5. 1/6/2011Tommie Prada says:

    Thanks for this article, around 95% of the websites on google were hard to read. Question: do u think sites like how to roll a joint should be allowed on the web for children?

  6. 5/31/2011Kazuko Shortey says:

    Everybody deserves and appreciate a place, and you hit that value in your post

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