She loved again. I never did.


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  1. 3/31/2010J says:

    This is beautiful and relevant to my life as of now. Hopefully that will change at some point.

  2. 4/2/2010Faye says:

    Brilliant. Very sad. Did you consider alternatives for the last word? I hope you do love again – and that this was not a suicide note.

  3. 4/23/2010Nej says:

    This one has hunted me for days.

  4. 6/19/2010Graham says:

    This is just brilliant.
    I am in that space now. Like J, I hope that it will change at some point.

  5. 8/16/2010Mary says:

    I am afraid of this

  6. 11/18/2010Andrew says:

    Great one–speaks volumes. Very relevant right now personally..

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