Smiling dog. So thought the child.


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  1. 3/20/2010SilverS says:

    Smiling Child. So thought the Dog.

  2. 3/20/2010art badso says:

    Wow. That’s great. Thank you Jeannie.

  3. 5/24/2010Noah Martin says:

    I love those large German Shepherd dogs and also those tiny Chihuahua~*-

  4. 7/18/2010Ben Griffiths says:

    i really love dogs as pets because they are so adorable and very loyal pets too”*”

  5. 10/7/2010Nathaniel Wood says:

    i love dogs specially very small puppies coz they are so so overly cute, i love to hug them:~~

  6. 10/22/2010Rust Paint : says:

    my girlfriend really loves cute dogs and puppies, she thinks they are little babies.’`

  7. 12/12/2010LCD Protector %0B says:

    puppies and dogs are very cute, i always love to play with them during my spare time :*:

  8. 4/7/2011Colin Edens says:

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  12. 9/7/2011Albern says:

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