Yoga instructor farts. No inner peace.

—Elizabeth Avery

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  1. 4/28/2010galloway says:


  2. 4/29/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Zen master farts. (two cheeks clapping)

  3. 5/4/2010DuDo says:

    Mind Blowing!!!! no inner peace lol!!!

  4. 5/22/2010yoga clothes says:

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  5. 7/25/2010steph says:

    :P great

  6. 10/20/2010Decking Kits  says:

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  7. 10/27/2010axe says:

    Yoga and any stretching over 20 seconds has been scientifically proven to do nothing for your health. Some even hurts you more than it helps. Just search and you will find plenty of articles on the subject.

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