“I’m schizophrenic (and so am I).”

—Kenn Hoekstra

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  1. 6/1/2010Emily says:

    Schizophrenia =/= ‘multiple personalities’

  2. 6/1/2010Bae says:

    not what Schizophrenia means, you are thinking of DID

  3. 6/1/2010Sanket Rathod says:

    I’m an amnesiac. I’m an amnesiac.

  4. 6/19/2010Emmasj says:

    I’ve heard that joke.

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I’m schizophrenic
    And so am I

  5. 7/8/2010M.Fallon says:

    Paranoid schizophrenic promoted to Defence Minister

  6. 7/8/2010M.Fallon says:

    Country run by Schizophrenic: Dictatorship? Democracy?

  7. 7/14/2010Brittany says:

    Schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder are not the same thing.

  8. 7/15/2010M. Fallon says:


  9. 7/15/2010M. Fallon says:

    and if you can break down dissociative identity disorder into one word

  10. 1/19/2012verdadera says:

    At least both peronalities get along well.

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