She wants him. He wants pizza.

—J. Askim

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  1. 6/29/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    He chose . . .


  2. 7/15/2010dhrutik says:

    it’s may elabrote one of the fact of life… most of the time girl’s are reach and hero’s are poor.. hero has big dream like piza……. and she search for true love……..

  3. 7/25/2010Josh says:

    Unfortunately, this is often true. I like it.

  4. 4/4/2011awesome says:

    its okay, we dont need boys.

  5. 1/4/2012Drew says:

    we love pizza but not more then our women…

  6. 1/19/2012verdadera says:

    She is hungry for love and he, he is just hungry

  7. 5/2/2012Greg Noyes says:

    as long as it wasn’t a vegetarian pizza.

  8. 10/8/2020Briar says:

    Bruh I’d probably make him ace. I mean, he definitly sounds like one.

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