Boy met girl. Girl met bus.


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  1. 8/31/2010Shannon says:

    So sad

  2. 9/7/2010Anonymous says:

    hahahahahahah that’s frickin’ hilarious

  3. 9/22/2010Faizah says:


  4. 10/12/2010caleb bladwin says:

    lol this story is so fricken funny but at the same time it is really sad

  5. 11/2/2010Kimber says:

    Awww :( thats sad

  6. 11/3/2010Andy says:

    Sad or dark? Did she catch the bus or was she hit by it?!

  7. 11/4/2011Wendy Diep says:

    Haha sucks to be her

  8. 6/2/2014Marlysse says:

    Reference to one day?

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