My father still has my virginity.


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  1. 8/18/2010Ang says:


  2. 9/13/2010c says:

    wow. thats an awesome piece. deep and shocking.

  3. 9/13/2010S says:

    Wait. Is this a story about someone who slept with their dad (their father took their virginity) or a story about someone who is a nun?

  4. 9/13/2010c says:

    this just futhers the thought that women can be owned by the men in their lives. first her father, then hell give her to her husband, it’s fine to be a virgin till your married, but for your own reasons not to fall subservient to your father. what sons do we hear that mothers have their virginity?

  5. 2/22/2011Laura says:

    woah short and powerful is it true??? if so ooooohhhh!!

  6. 10/27/2011Maxine13 says:

    gave me chills… O.o

  7. 12/3/2012khkhkh says:

    She couldn’t wait to get the D till she 18 WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

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