Pandora opened his box. How unfortunate.


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  1. 8/14/2010XQYZ says:

    Pandora is a Greek goddess (-a also indicating female in a name). So it really should read “opened HER box”.

  2. 8/17/2010Scott says:

    Not necessarily: to me there are two people in this story; a man and his lover, a troubled young girl. I imagine a modern lovers’ tragedy; what was once a carefree tryst leads to a painful breakdown between the pair, where the man is unfaithful. It is never spoken about, but they live together still, troubled. The young girl, Pandora, feeling rejected and unloved, has pent up her emotions from not being able to openly discuss the embarassing and unfortunate turn of events leading to his unfaithfulness, builds up her resentment into an explosion of fear, disappointment and hatred, and in an almighty argument she dares to hurt him the only way she can, by ending the relationship, throwing his unfaithfulness back in his face: opening *his* metaphorical “Pandora’s Box”.

    Or something. :)

  3. 11/17/2010It's a 'her' alright, says:

    But she still isn’t a goddess; Zeus ordered Hephaistos to make a human woman.

  4. 5/9/2014R2 says:

    All i can think of is a scene with Pandora dating a guy wearing a dick-in-a-box & when she opened his box, his dick was not up to her expectations.

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