Great sex. Broken heart. Worth it?

—Dec C.

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  1. 12/22/2012Kyle Watson says:

    A man is man without woman

  2. 4/12/2013Peter says:

    This sent a shiver down my spine…

  3. 5/24/2014Brenda says:

    I can relate, sadly, I am having to make this choice, and I think I have. I guess I would not like to live with a “What if?” cloud hanging from my head. Truth is, we will never be, and it’s gut wrenching to think of him with anyone else. Just because I can never be with anyone else the way I am with him, I am so sad I am every crying as I type this, anyway, good job on that six word story.

  4. 8/17/2020Juan Alejandro says:

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  5. 8/17/2020bauzen says:

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