They lived happily ever after. Separately.

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  1. 4/28/2011ilker says:

    hahaa the truth of how to be happy with a girl!!!

  2. 11/11/2011Eva says:

    Funny… Love is always a fantasy that in the real world can never be truly made into a real thing

  3. 11/21/2011Brandon says:

    Thats epically true

  4. 11/8/2012abigal says:

    thats soooo ture, love doesn’t last FOREVER GIRLS, and this coment goes out to my best friend for ever Grace Bringer!!!

  5. 9/19/2013Debbie says:

    This resonates with me for so many reasons. My heart is huge and I have met many amazing people. Some have a special place in my heart – always, and I will love them until my last breath. Can’t marry all of them though… ;-)

  6. 4/29/2014Martins says:

    Hi Abigal. While I agree to you to you partly – feeling doesn’t last forever, I don’t think love is only about the feeling, but also about the commitment – about your conscious choice to be with that particular person and accept him/her, and if you have decided that you love her/him no matter what, that you don’t want to lose her/him no matter what, that you are ready to share nearly everything with her/him – then, love can last for forever (or for a very long time – depends). I discovered this not too long ago…too bad it’s one sided thing from me and now that I have decided to commit and she told me she isn’t interested in me, I’m lost. It’s easy to get over it and go on to another woman or be temporarily free of any interest, but..I don’t want to get over her, I don’t care that my mental defense mechanisms are telling me to quit on her, I want to love her and support her no matter what – I feel like I subconsciously am getting over her, heck, stop and think more about her and how she’s important to me…no human thing of me is going to stop me from hopelessly loving her…this is getting me stressed and depressed and is halting me from progress, yet not even that is enough of discouragement…it’s depressing enough to make me slightly alcoholic..since telling her about my feels I have been drinking a lot….and it’s all by choice…I’m literally halting my progress because of a silly one sided love thing….heck, even now I am slightly drunk… Hopefully this doesn’t connect with any of my internet accounts.

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