Jailed for rape. Gets raped there.

—Rahul A

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  1. 11/21/2011Brandon says:

    Thats what they deserve after you rape someone you deserve to be beaten until u cant move and then to suffer

  2. 11/21/2011Brandon says:

    And i believe you have no more rights

  3. 9/28/2012Habanaka says:

    This reminds me of “Date Rape” by Sublime.

    Also: Brandon… you terrify me a little bit…

  4. 4/27/2013Lorna Walsh says:

    Makes you think – initial reaction is to laugh and think ‘good’ and then intellect kicks in (Brandon – get help)!

  5. 9/7/20212013560326012865102956219865219856201958620938652908356123095826d578493000948756 says:

    is enny one here in 2021

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