Lovers only when people aren’t watching.


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  1. 2/27/2011Lauren says:

    Hello fellow Lauren,
    I’m in a similar situation.

  2. 4/5/2011kayla says:

    he says “its easier this way”

  3. 6/27/2011Ryan says:

    They lift their burdens in secrecy.

  4. 10/21/2011Ai~ says:

    Ryan: I love your six-word reply.

  5. 11/8/2012abigal says:

    He says one week and then you can tell every one you want………. 1 WEEK later ” were done” he said.

  6. 11/8/2012abigal says:

    heres a 6 word story for someone who like to ply alot: LIFE IS FUNNY, TILL YOU GONE.

  7. 2/22/2013Tanya says:

    Nice! The reverse sounds interesting, too:

    Lovers only when people are watching.

  8. 3/15/2014sav says:

    omg im in that situation im scared

  9. 6/4/2014Di says:

    Love washed off by Monday morning

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