Two lovers. One parachute. No survivors.

—Ben Matthews

25 Responses to “Two lovers. One parachute. No survivors.”

  1. 6/18/2014l.k.h says:

    I really really love this one. Nice job.

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  3. 3/17/2013Dwain Patton says:

    Combine Geekdemon and Caio…answer; communication!?

  4. 5/22/2012Patrick Kelly says:

    The twist in the story is that they were actually on a cruise ship.

  5. 3/25/2012Freakazoid says:

    Still a better love story than twilight

  6. 2/9/2012harshita says:

    fake a smile for a smile.

  7. 2/9/2012harshita says:

    cry in rain, tears are free.

  8. 2/3/2012Hiatus says:

    You take it, no you. Splat.

  9. 1/5/2012tanaya mehta says:

    a really nice thought! = true love

  10. 11/11/2011Nate Kabariti says:

    A sad, romantic story summed up in just 6 words. I love it.

  11. 9/13/2011Katelyn Dadds says:

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  12. 9/13/2011Sarah says:

    This is amazing!

  13. 8/26/2011Kenton Keipe says:

    I appreciate your post. Thumbs up :-) I recommend doing acupuncture

  14. 7/1/2011Ben Matthews says:

    The comment below mine is sort of interesting :).

    At first I thought it was directed at me so I took it at face value and got all offended about it. I was all set to do a massive, hate-filled, hamer-down rebuttle. But then, on a whim, I followed the link and it brought me to a site advertising cars. So then I stoped and thought about it, and the whole thing doesn’t really fit at all does it?

    I did a little research on Google. Turns out this phrase (or variations on it) is popping up all over the web. Basically anywhere that you can attach a website to your screename you might find this comment. What I found out is that it’s actually a very cleverly designed gimmick done by a private advertising company. This flame is spread about blonging-esk sites in an attempt to get you to click on the link, at which point it takes you to the site of one of their patrons. It’s interesting because it builds on itself by drawing attention and flames to it from other commenters – which then increases the number of people clicking the link.

    I know this isn’t really the place for it, but I just thought I’d post this here; partly because I thought it was interesting, and patly so that you guys know what it is if you ever run across it in the future on your own blogging sites. I do hope removes this comment from their website soon.

  15. 6/30/20112011 jaguar xf black pack says:

    The next time I read a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one.I mean, I know it was my option to read, but I in fact thought youd have something interesting to say.All I hear is a bunch of whining about some thing which you could fix if you werent too busy seeking attention.

  16. 6/21/2011Deepu says:

    <3 this one…!!!! You are great

  17. 6/10/2011Ben Matthews says:

    No, I wouldn’t sue you. I think that’s really cool that you want to use it for a song title. Please feel free to.

    Also thanks everybody for the nice feedback on this.

  18. 5/15/2011reply please says:

    i want to make this a song title. will i be sued?

  19. 3/12/2011Geekdemon says:

    but both can survive on one parachute!

    this is sadder

  20. 3/4/2011John says:

    The way I interperate it, the lovers only had one parachute, but they loved each other so much that niether could live without the other. So neither one of them used the parachute and they died together.

  21. 3/3/2011VO says:

    wow, love this one! I agree with Pigmentia, this story really make you think–picturing what these two lovers were possibly thinking and deliberating. Good stuff

  22. 3/1/2011Caio says:

    Because they ripped the parachute while fighting

  23. 2/26/2011CT says:

    Wow. There’s so much backstory.

  24. 2/24/2011Pigmentia says:

    This is one of the best. I like how it’s actually a story.

  25. 2/23/2011S. M. Orges says:

    This one is officially one of my favorites.

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