A thousand wrinkles. A thousand stories.


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  1. 3/15/2011Anita says:

    I really like this. It makes me think of some stunning black and white photos I’ve seen of elderly people from the old days, they had deep wrinkles and wise eyes looking right back at you.

  2. 4/8/2011A Thousand Stories – Beginning says:

    […] this short story at Six Word Stories and liked it a lot: A thousand wrinkles, a thousand […]

  3. 6/17/2012justletitbe says:

    A thousand stories..hmm..nice. reminds me of my grandparents.Memories are such good things and bad aswell! reminds me of somebody.always. unwanted? haha..who knows what destiny holds.:/

  4. 9/7/2013Maggot Magnet says:

    Amazing. What a beautifully written idea. <3

  5. 1/30/2024connections says:

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