Lazy optimist dies happily of starvation.

—Jakub Kopec

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  1. 4/16/2011elsie says:

    wow! makes me wonder !

  2. 6/27/2011Ryan says:

    This is transcendental!

  3. 6/29/2011Robin says:

    I am uncertain about the adverb in this case (I wonder if there might be another, more powerful one), but I love the structure and the character who is portrayed. The conflict is clear and there is even a resolution. This is a strong six word piece! Good job.

  4. 1/7/2012Loren says:

    This really makes you think, and envision a whole story going on. I love it.

  5. 1/10/2012Matthew Jones says:

    Lazy, Temperamental, Ignorant, Rude, Lying fool.

  6. 1/10/2012Matthew Jones says:

    Strong, Honest, trustworthy man giving generously

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