Awoken from hibernation. Stories to tell.


A year ago, Six Word Stories went into hibernation.

We’re sorry about that.

We will resume posting new stories every day, starting today. Thank you to the fans who encouraged us to come back.

If you have a six word story, share it with us. Keep the submissions coming – Six Word Stories wouldn’t exist without you!

There are 7 comments in this article:

  1. 3/27/2012Gergely V. says:

    10 words not six? Sell out.

  2. 3/27/2012WS says:

    Perennials sometimes bloom after a year.

  3. 3/30/2012Prattle Assassin says:

    Well blow me down -you’re back!

  4. 4/3/2012A Girl says:

    Finally! Welcome back! :)

  5. 4/9/2012Tracy says:

    Although I have not contributed to your site, I enjoy the creativity of those who do.

    Six word stories. Hibernated. Awakened. enjoy!

  6. 4/24/20122642370630 says:

    Perennials sometimes bloom after a year.

  7. 8/4/2012Joris Nijpels says:

    Live without six is not possible

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