Poked hole in condom. He’s mine.

—Casey Francis

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  1. 4/3/2012Monika Shannon says:

    G-D, protect my sons from chicks like THAT!

  2. 4/18/2012Galt Rose says:

    Interesting interpretation ! I read the “hole” as accidental, not intentional, and the “He’s” as the resulting child, not the victimized father. Kudos to the author for giving us room to find our own stories within the six words.

  3. 8/12/2012Harry Styles says:

    LOL, what are you talking about!

  4. 8/20/2013PornJohn says:

    Imma fuck you in the azz

  5. 12/5/2013Anacardiacaea says:

    Exponentially– ill-fated mademoiselle– striving ever on. (haiku)

  6. 9/23/2018Gail says:

    I once met a man that said when he worked at a condom factory he used to poke holes in them with a needle. I hope he was caught and fired.

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