“This is our secret,” whispered daddy.

—Koos Drescher

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  1. 4/25/2012Derek says:

    Oooh, this one gave me chills.

  2. 4/28/2012~SN says:

    I feel like this could be interpreted in more than one way. When I read it, I thought it was a special, happy secret between a father and a child. But when I read the first comment, I realized that you could interpret it in another, less nice way.

  3. 4/30/2012Aneeka Usman says:

    Yes, That’s what makes it so interesting that it has so many implications.

  4. 5/7/2012James says:

    Sounds like the beginning of an incest rape.

  5. 5/7/2012Monika Shannon says:

    Did daddy buy mommy an anniversary diamond?

  6. 5/7/2012Daddy says:

    Not creepy at all.

  7. 5/8/2012Josh C. says:

    My god that’s dark…

  8. 5/9/2012Jonathan says:

    Funny, I didn’t interpret this as particularly dark or even morbidly suggestive. Maybe the interpretation says more about the reader than it does the story.

    Also, on a website full of a lot of 6 word jokes and moments in time, I appreciate an entry that actually tells a story. This is a good post.

  9. 5/21/2012Edd's Stories says:

    My interpretation is really sick. Depends on one’s mindset. Daddy issues huh ?

  10. 5/22/2012Oscar says:

    The quote formatting makes me sick. Please place that comma outside of the quote.

  11. 5/23/2012~SN says:

    But aren’t you supposed to have punctuation, like commas, before the quotation marks?

  12. 5/25/2012Oscar says:

    It’s not part of the quote/saying/phrase, so no.

  13. 6/2/2012Meredith says:

    Oscar. http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/marks/quotation.htm

    It is a great story amongst quippy one liners. Troll elsewhere.

  14. 6/4/2012Brendan says:

    Oscar, the grammar is correct. I don’t know what’ you’re talking about.

  15. 6/7/2012K Smith says:

    Oscar, are you by chance English? In America, the grammar is perfect.

  16. 6/8/2012Jim says:

    So dark and chilling. Brilliant.

    Oh, and the comma’s in the right place even for this side of the pond.

  17. 7/2/2012Ardyvee says:

    go figure, reading the comments I realize that doesn’t have to be dark. Yes, this story tells more about the reader than anything.

  18. 7/2/2012noko says:

    This is obscene.

    I hope you all go to hell!

  19. 7/24/2012Seablood says:

    This is crazy, Did daddy bury mommy outside?, Did daddy just win in a lottery. woah .. ou could go on making more stories out of this..

  20. 11/8/2012abigal says:

    thats crazy what did he do to the child, ooooh my goodness thats gets you thinking alot.

  21. 11/21/2012Mommy says:

    i agree with “Daddy!”

  22. 4/27/2013Lorna Walsh says:

    This is sinister (and sad) but obviously could be happy except that it is in the ‘Scary’ category. My daddy always told me and my brother what he’d bought our mummy for xmas and it was a lovely, special part of our relationship with him. I don’t think he taught us how to keep a secret quite like this story tells though! I think it is a fantastic piece of writing.

  23. 9/7/2013Maggot Magnet says:

    so i’m crying right now

  24. 11/26/2013LostCanary says:

    I really enjoy this one because it says a lot about the reader based on their own inference.

  25. 5/2/2014Johng583 says:

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  26. 3/8/2018Ochen says:

    This stooped my heart. I have a good relationship with my dad, but other experiences made me interpret this too be REALLY bad…

  27. 10/31/2019John Cena says:

    Mikeal Myers

  28. 2/24/2020Jeff Bratwurst says:

    dad do be kinda sus doe 😳

  29. 9/8/2020E. C. says:

    Maybe it depends on reader interpretation, but it doesn’t help for me to be taking a sex crimes class for my college degree and see this. Just saying, it can be innocent, or it can be very, VERY wrong.

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