Won food fight – used canned vegetables.


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  1. 7/3/2012Kate says:

    LOL! :D Love this one! :D

  2. 9/29/2012Cath says:

    hahaha, love it! :D

  3. 12/9/2012GingerOlive says:

    hee hee hee

  4. 10/9/2013Stories in Exactly Six Words | Ramisa the Authoress says:

    […] Won food fight – used canned vegetables. —Dave […]

  5. 1/29/2024kenny says:

    I don’t like canned food at all. Even if it’s vegetables or meat. It doesn’t taste good to me.

  6. 1/29/2024stylesliam20 says:

    And I just love such products. I especially like canned meats and pates. But my special love is foie gras. When I lived in France, I used to eat this product for breakfast all the time. But now I have moved and I have to order it from https://www.gourmetfoodstore.com/foie-gras-and-pate/fresh-foie-gras-01006 . But this foie gras is even tastier than the one I ate in France.

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