12/12/2012 : Mayans ? Whoever were the mayaaaaaaa…


According to ancient Mayan prophecy, December 12, 2008 is the “end of time” — the day that the world will end.

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  1. 5/25/2009Travis, Prophecy (is a link) says:

    End? Not end, but rather is a time of renewal.

  2. 5/26/2009(link) Full explanation says:

    My name is a hyperlink to the Wikipedia article that fully explains the current scholarly view of the Mayan calendar “ending” in 2012. The “apocalypse prophecy” interpretation is rather outdated.

    This is just an urban legend.

  3. 10/21/2009Winwood says:

    Internet conspiracy revealed! But … “Error 404”.

  4. 11/9/2009steve says:

    it’s actually Decmber 21st 2012…

  5. 11/29/2009sysdinee says:

    this is not really a doomsday,but a date in which we will use as a normal day.how will the world end?thats my question.

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