Cancer. Only three months left. Pregnant.


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  1. 1/22/2013letícia says:

    Holy shit.

  2. 1/22/2013Madeline says:


  3. 1/23/2013Wendy says:

    Complex piece in few words. I appreciate the varied interpretation.

  4. 1/23/2013Sabine says:

    You can beat it, change your diet, stop eating meat, fish dairies if you do and look on the web for sites where you can find advice for a healthy life style, meditate do yoga, be happy think happiness. Ginger Turmeric are very good to fight cancer. You can do it! :)

  5. 1/30/2013Chris says:

    This is beautiful. Muah I’ll be with you babe. Muah Muah Keep fucking going. You win

  6. 2/1/2013Dom says:

    My heart just broke a little

  7. 2/6/2013Hannah says:

    wow, who knew six words could say so much. you’ll get through it, i promise. keep going… you’re a strong girl, i promise you can make it. you’re beautiful and just keep your head up high.

  8. 2/14/2013Brendan says:

    “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine

    You’ll be a great mom!

  9. 2/22/2013meag says:

    Just keep fighting

  10. 4/27/2013Lorna Walsh says:

    I didn’t take this as the writer’s true story but of their talent. Shiver down the spine stuff.

  11. 8/31/2013Lou says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  12. 9/12/2013Oana says:

    It was a shock to come across this, my cousin’s name was Marianne and she died of cancer 6 months after giving birth to a healthy baby boy. This post sent chills down my spine

  13. 9/12/2013Ana says:

    Such a shock to come across this post! My cousin’s name was Marianne and she died of cancer only 5 months after giving birth.

  14. 9/14/2013Ayush says:

    Wow. This is the most powerful piece I have ever come across. So many things. So few words.

  15. 11/2/2013bro says:

    fuck, this killed me

  16. 11/16/2013Guest says:


  17. 12/31/2013Prabhu Singh says:

    Life’s mystery unraveled by stalking death.

  18. 1/20/2014Courtney says:

    the story of breaking bad

  19. 2/20/2014Janicia says:

    this one tho

  20. 5/10/2014Alejandra says:

    Holy shit. This messed up with my heart.

  21. 8/17/2020Juan Alejandro says:

    So emotional……..:(((((((( I can’t hold my tears back:(((

  22. 5/12/2021raye says:

    that it… wow

  23. 2/4/2023Zaza K Green says:

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