Selling Parachute: never opened, slightly stained.


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  1. 8/25/2013Paula says:


  2. 8/26/2013Charlie says:

    Love it :)

  3. 8/29/2013Jose Rios Lopez says:

    whe whe whe whe whe thats funny.

  4. 2/18/2014steve says:

    heard it before

  5. 11/5/2018nick says:

    sounds fun

  6. 3/12/2021Kenyanito says:

    I’d say No when I want.

  7. 12/26/2023minecraftle says:

    Selling a parachute, even if it’s never been opened but has slight stains, could pose serious risks if intending for it to be used for its intended purpose — skydiving or emergency use.

  8. 3/4/2024Mr.hangdang says:

    wow this is a very cheap parachute i have no clue why im buying this this is a steal lol

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