She loved cigarettes… more than life…


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  1. 3/19/2013Michael says:

    This sums up my mother’s life. She’s been dead for a little over eight months now, and even though I don’t miss a lot of the things she did, I still miss my mother.

  2. 5/20/2013Mason Hoffman says:

    That’s a sad story, but it happens much to often nowadays

  3. 1/17/2014Sher says:

    It makes me think of Looking for Alaska by John Green.

  4. 6/14/2014Marcy says:

    Found this website after having a long discussion with a friend about six-word stories, hit the random button and this is what came up. It pretty much describes my mom – for us kids, her identity included cigarettes. She finally quit after 30 years of smoking, but its still a part of my childhood memories. In awe of the six-word-story random button!

  5. 4/18/2023Kerry Smith says:

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