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Man cries holding his dog’s leash. - Six Word Stories

Man cries holding his dog’s leash.


6 Responses to “Man cries holding his dog’s leash.”

  1. 8/9/2013Jessica McConaha says:

    This drew out a choked sob.

  2. 7/29/2013daisy says:

    so very true brilliant story. emotionately affective

  3. 7/24/2013Mary says:

    I have two dearly loved dogs and this simple picture was heartbreaking. Well played, sir.

  4. 6/23/2013Inkymess says:

    I’ve just recently been through such a heartbreak, so this poignant story resonates.

  5. 4/3/2013Garrett says:

    My dog had worms!!!!!! and it died!!!!!

  6. 2/23/2013Mr.Literato says:

    English teacher reading essays: plagiarism detected.

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