Tanline on his ring finger? Goodbye.


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  1. 4/18/2013Mikey says:

    Maybe divorced. Don’t judge so quickly.

  2. 6/9/2013Human says:

    What a stereotypical story. You know, when I took a university-level writing course, it was filled with people of both genders who merely wrote down whatever unadulterated crap that their hearts desired. Most of the stories written by guys involved their self-insert getting the girl, being powerful or capable; the women wrote about them being the object of desire for some stereotypical male character. So, from this six word story, I gather that you wish to be pursued by men, be viewed as perceptive and intelligent and have the opportunity to turn suitors down with no second thoughts. I hate it when people’s psychology leaks into their writing. I know too much about you, Ruby. In fact, I know too fucking much.

  3. 6/11/2013DylanM says:

    I disagree. Given six words, it is implied that this man is taking off his ring in pursuit of extramarital affairs. Could be a recent divorce, could be another explanation. She did not specify whether there are any other details leading to the dismissal of this person. There could be other factors or verbal exchanges but she chose to sum it up with “tanline on his ring finger”. Immediate rejection was also my first assumption, but then I thought maybe the story isn’t as short as it seems. Maybe she had been seeing this person before she noticed his finger and found out he was married. maybe they had a strong connection and her feelings were hurt so in order to maintain an image of emotional strength she gives him a quick and sassy “goodbye”. Maybe the subject of infidelity hits a little too close to home for ^Human. I could be wrong, but I won’t write off the many possible alternatives the ambiguity of the story has to offer before making a quick judgment based on the easiest possible translation of what’s written. Did they teach you to make assumptions based on what you gather on the surface in your university-level writing course? Maybe hating was just too advanced of a topic to cover in my community college-level creative writing class.

  4. 6/11/2013DylanM says:

    I by no means think this story is exceptionally brilliant, but I definitely don’t think there is enough detail in what is provided to assume that ^Ruby here is flaunting her ability to “turn suitors down with no second thoughts”.

  5. 9/13/2013yoda says:

    yes, let the hate flow human.

  6. 11/29/2020Klais Surik says:

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