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Two wives, one funeral, no tears. - Six Word Stories

Two wives, one funeral, no tears.


23 Responses to “Two wives, one funeral, no tears.”

  1. 2/10/2014rkt says:

    Looks in mirror; and the mirror cracks

  2. 1/6/2014Juan Diaz says:

    The cult sacrificed her. Cthulhu rose.

  3. 1/2/2014cornelius says:

    Mirror for a dancefloor, lecher’s delight.

  4. 12/21/2013Anna says:

    A life into a life appeared

  5. 12/14/2013Alex says:

    Checking your watch is wasting time.

  6. 10/27/2013Spacenut says:

    Why have all these just stopped?

  7. 10/9/2013Stories in Exactly Six Words | Ramisa the Authoress says:

    […] Two wives, one funeral, no tears. —Desrio […]

  8. 10/4/2013Asdaguico says:

    Twelve chimes, no fight

  9. 10/3/2013Jim Woodmansee says:

    Naomi is I moan spelled backwards

  10. 9/21/2013theo says:

    turned eleven, no letter from hogwarts

  11. 9/12/2013Sofia says:

    Looks in mirror… Pulls a face.

  12. 8/24/2013theatergypsy says:

    Mother-in-law is dead! Yippee!!

  13. 6/2/2013Alison M. says:

    Ghost of missed opportunity says: “Boo!”

  14. 5/16/2013Phyllis says:

    One Door Closes; Another One Opens

  15. 4/22/2013luke says:

    “hard work,determination,anything is possible”

  16. 4/9/2013Jinks says:

    Bigamist leaves families in his wake.

  17. 4/4/2013Sainee says:

    Tooth ache. Tooth fairy on strike.

  18. 4/4/2013Sainee says:

    I’ve had successful relationships. Plenty.

  19. 4/4/2013Sainee says:

    “I’m black”, he cried. “Not fair”.

  20. 3/21/2013Sarah says:

    True story

  21. 3/15/2013Inêscrf says:

    Let me run back to you.

  22. 3/8/2013Lev says:

    Deadly enemies, united by common loss.

  23. 2/21/2013ZCoop says:

    Alice followed the strange talking rabbit

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