Brought roses home. Keys didn’t fit.


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  1. 4/5/2014Elysabeth says:

    This one gave me goosebumps. Definitely one of my favorites

  2. 5/6/2014aswin says:

    What does it mean? Can someone pls explain?

  3. 5/8/2014Leo Pacheco says:

    The companion of the person who bought the flowers , changed the locks

  4. 5/8/2014Simran says:

    The couple staying together had a fight..a bad one.. they fought..didn’t speak and carried on with the usual daily work. One of them realized that it not worth fighting and wanted to make amends- he/she picked flowers on the way back home— only to see that the other one has gone as far as changing the locks of the house. The other one does not want to stay together anymore. The End!

  5. 5/12/2014Nirad says:

    My suggestion:
    Old Man goes out to market, remember his wife at home. Purchased flower for her. But as he is loosing his memory day by day, he lost track to his own house and went to someone’s else.

  6. 6/17/2014Vilte says:

    Makes me shake. I wouldn’t with this for anyone to happen

  7. 2/18/2019JAm says:

    maybe, she is in his mistress’ house

  8. 3/24/2021Lola says:

    This one makes me so sad. Knock everything deserves this.

  9. 5/14/2024Hello Neighbor says:

    Take the computer out of the house and forget the power cord

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