“It can’t be. I’m a virgin.”

—Kate Atkinson

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  1. 1/13/2009aydi says:

    hahaha is that the words of virgin mary after she found out she’s pregnant ? lol

  2. 6/21/2009Rita Kapoor says:

    Rapist an haunting six letter word.

  3. 6/22/2009Elena says:

    :D it’s like immaculate conception

  4. 7/20/2009Maggie says:

    Born early, fought hard, died young.

  5. 10/31/2009Ai~ says:

    @Aydi: Nothing blasphemous like that, I hope!

  6. 9/6/2011bjhenders88 says:

    Didn’t you read the fine print ?

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