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  1. 6/19/2020Tanya Bose says:

    People always die. Huh. Gods sleep.

  2. 6/19/2020Samira Taghikhani says:

    My heart is breaking…ice cubes.

  3. 6/30/2020Fatima Rangwala says:

    Parents Separated. Mom kept Us Close.

  4. 7/3/2020Insexs says:

    “Yummy” said female mantis after sex!

  5. 7/6/2020Tina says:

    You have to live them anyway

  6. 7/7/2020PotterGeek08 says:

    Lost Dog. Last seen at cemetery.

  7. 7/8/2020Cammmy Arias says:

    Sunscreen, liquor, cigarettes and bad decisions

  8. 7/8/2020Cammy Arias says:

    Writing things no one will read.

  9. 7/10/2020Louie John M. Doctolero says:

    Pouring rains
    Flooded streets
    Left alone

  10. 7/10/2020Louie John M. Doctolero says:

    He loved him.
    He did not.

  11. 7/14/2020KimberlyDee Woods says:

    I’ve lingered empty, waiting for this.

  12. 7/14/2020KimberlyDee Woods says:

    A current situation of previous years.

  13. 7/14/2020KimberlyDee Woods says:

    Open windows release music like memories.

  14. 7/14/2020KimberlyDee Woods says:

    What if we can will it?

  15. 7/14/2020KimberlyDee Woods says:

    A teardrop is not the ocean.

  16. 7/14/2020Super carrot says:

    Wrapped around everything, a dozen ways.

  17. 7/15/2020SuperCarrot says:

    He leaves; turning me into mist.

  18. 7/15/2020SuperCarrot says:

    He took most everything;forgetting despair

  19. 7/15/2020SuperCarrot says:

    He took most everything ;forgetting despair

  20. 8/11/2020Sadia Q McClelland says:

    A whale in his goldfish bowl

  21. 8/14/2020Eduany RamiSi says:

    It was a terrible time,2020.

  22. 8/18/2020Elton Quintanilla says:

    Not every wall needs a ceiling.

  23. 8/24/2020Camille H. says:

    Forgiving others easily, next up: myself

  24. 8/24/2020Maya Stock says:

    Silver keys mask frustration but sing

  25. 8/24/2020Ethan Fredenburg says:

    Got a car, never went far

  26. 8/24/2020Rider Miller says:

    Always ready for the new trial

  27. 8/24/2020Lia F. says:

    Dogs are menders of the Earth

  28. 8/24/2020Margot Catrini says:

    Broken. Healing. They leave. Repeat.

  29. 8/25/2020Zach says:

    Bounce, bounce, flip, explosion, black, blood

  30. 8/26/2020Kalil says:

    Born, Brainwashed, Molded, Lived for Others

  31. 9/1/2020Mark Green says:

    Leaving vet. One leash, no pet.

  32. 9/10/2020Christian Deery says:

    Walk here at your own risk

  33. 9/17/2020Janice Humphreys says:

    Grateful, but longing for a vaccine.

  34. 9/17/2020mwall says:

    Covid unmasked, Masked depression. Masking existence.

  35. 9/17/2020Dan Vasey says:

    Overcome with regrets, man gave birth.

  36. 9/18/2020Cacti_Are_Prickly says:

    My confidence is just a mask

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