Aging skier goes downhill. Literally, figuratively.

—Pete Anderson

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  1. 1/8/2009Pete says:

    Thanks for the shout-out for my humble effort here. The related post on my blog is the most popular post I’ve ever had, in terms of commenters leaving their own contributions.

  2. 1/9/2009Jenny says:

    Wonderful explanation of life and aging! Makes it seem surreal.

  3. 1/11/2009Kayxee says:

    excellent! no doubt

  4. 1/16/2009shy says:

    boarded plane. trusted pilot. water landing?

  5. 3/2/2010Angelika Bisaccia says:

    Pretty interesting post. Couldn’t be written any better. Browsing this post reminds me of my old chum. He always kept talking about this. I will send this post to him. Am sure he will have a good chuckle. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. 11/16/2010Tyron Derer says:

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  7. 4/11/2011coach outlet locations says:

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