Megan’s baby: John’s surname, Jim’s eyes.

—Simon Armitage

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  1. 1/9/2009Jim says:

    Phenomenal, says so much.

  2. 1/9/2009Elspeth says:


  3. 1/9/2009Sofia says:

    I love this.

  4. 1/9/2009Cher says:

    The author is the next hemmingway

  5. 1/11/2009Kayxee says:


  6. 1/12/2009chi says:

    awesome idea

  7. 1/12/2009bankofengland says:

    John’s accusing, Jims Lying. Megan cries.

  8. 1/14/2009Nikki E. says:


  9. 1/22/2009Jess says:


  10. 3/16/2009Tim Sevenhuysen says:

    Ha, this is a good one.

  11. 6/27/2009ar-joy says:


  12. 1/18/2010Tom says:

    desperate housewives plot in six words

  13. 3/30/2010Jabell says:

    Your why she doesn’t love me?

  14. 7/16/2010Cooper Foster says:

    Terry Hatcher is still the prettiest and sexiest actress in Desperate Housewives;,”

  15. 10/22/2010Backup Software : says:

    the girls of desperate housewives are hot but i like cougar town”,”

  16. 12/12/2010PCSO Lotto Draw Results %0B says:

    i love cougars that is why i love to watch Desperate Housewives and also Cougar Town “-,

  17. 9/13/2011Dare2win says:

    U r right Cher.

  18. 9/15/2018Neon says:

    this is good! I love how there is so much backstory to it!

  19. 7/30/2020crej says:

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