I went clubbing. Softest coat ever.

—Sean Brogan

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  1. 1/9/2009Tyler says:

    Cute, I like the imagery used I can almost picture it.

  2. 1/9/2009Chriska says:

    Awesome! I love the feel and look of baby seal in the winter.

  3. 1/9/2009LRJ says:

    You should love small animals,they taste great.

  4. 1/9/2009Kay says:

    Dude, I don’t think this about clubbing a baby seal at all. I think it’s about a person going to a club, rolling on e, and loving the feel of the coat they’re wearing.

  5. 1/9/2009James says:

    Hes definitely rolling balls

  6. 1/9/2009Bob Dobbs says:

    he’s definiteley talking about clubbing seals, you two have just rolled too many times to see that.

  7. 1/9/2009Krasrya says:

    Def seals

  8. 1/10/2009rollinsauce says:


  9. 1/10/2009Alyssa says:

    I thought it was a Lindsay Lohan moment where she goes to a club and steals someone’s coat.

  10. 1/10/2009Marz says:

    Clubbing as in getting hit with clubs(like a huge wooden bat) and wearing a soft jacket to soften blows….

  11. 1/11/2009Paige E says:

    You are disgusting, I hope someone clubs you and gives you a taste of your own medicine!!!

  12. 1/11/2009Concerned Reader says:

    Please keep comments to six words!

  13. 1/11/2009zach says:

    the seal hunter game describes this.

  14. 1/12/20096 Years from Yuppie says:

    Sometimes baby seals can’t be forgiven…

  15. 1/12/2009Helioptosis says:

    I’m not sure what you’re saying

  16. 1/12/2009conbomb says:

    g’s up hoes down

  17. 1/13/2009Anonni Mouse says:

    Human clubbing.. seal’s favorite sport event.

  18. 1/15/2009Weirdguy says:

    Love dead baby seals…heartwarming story.

  19. 1/16/2009Aditya Anupkumar says:

    brilliantly sick.

  20. 2/6/2009Kyle says:

    i loved it.

  21. 6/3/2009Hilary says:

    Aww… That’s really sad… ):

    Funny, though (:

  22. 7/26/2009ravencalls says:

    Im Innuit …and need thick coat of..blubber .

  23. 7/26/2009ravencalls says:

    but im helping the economy up north!!

  24. 6/22/2010J.W. Giardina says:

    Fucked a manatee / I’m from Texas

  25. 7/23/2010Russel Zevenbergen says:

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  26. 2/6/2011darth vader says:

    cat leaps from shadows, floating feathers.

  27. 7/13/2011John says:

    My favorite,

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