My nemesis is dead. Now what?

—Michael Cunningham

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  1. 1/11/2009Marcos says:

    This is the beginning of a great story! Jesus this gives me a million great ideas.

  2. 1/11/2009Nyeave says:

    My nemesis spurs me forward, induces me to throw pity parties where myself, as host, is the only attendee, and now I must provide a proper burial. Alas! Poor, poor Cedric!

  3. 1/12/2009Kendall says:

    I love you Michael Cunningham.

  4. 1/12/2009Kendall says:

    And I need you to write another novel. I wanted to tell you that a few days ago after I finished reading Flesh and Blood for the third time. And then immediately started in again on the fourth. I couldn’t find out how to tell you, and then my friend told me about six word stories. So I hope somebody tells you now: please, write another novel.

  5. 1/12/2009aggywanda says:

    I fell in love with my nemesis once…never experienced such disgust and infatuation really.

  6. 1/14/2009Nikki E. says:

    Brilliant. Once you have achieved the obsession of revenge or simple hatred…nothing is left.

  7. 1/15/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    This is great. It shows just how much people can get wrapped up in hate and vengeance. In the words of Eddie Izzard: You stand there with the hand over your heart “you and the Roman empire are the only one’s that’ve done that so be VERY careful.”

  8. 1/15/2009vanessa says:

    good question…

  9. 9/15/200950 Stories Under 50 Words | Lit Drift: Storytelling in the 21st Century says:

    […] 44. My nemesis is dead. Now what? –Michael Cunningham […]

  10. 10/31/2009Ai~ says:

    Awesome. Reminds me of “Memento” (the film and short story) by the brothers Jonathan and Christopher Nolan. :)

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