Checked Facebook. Apparently we broke up.


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  1. 2/14/2009Gabriel Gadfly says:

    Morbidly funny, but this is becoming increasingly prevalent. Someone broke up with a buddy of mine via Twitter a few weeks ago.

  2. 2/15/2009bron says:

    HAHA! love it

  3. 2/24/2009Lola says:

    My response:

    “The Internet, how we love thee!”

  4. 3/2/2009Lexi says:

    happened to me

  5. 3/3/2009AlexandriaSims says:

    hey love this….so funny…this actually happens

  6. 3/16/2009cara says:

    Something is wrong with this world when the internet does your dirty wor. What next hired robots = hired hitman ??? OMG

  7. 4/10/2009den says:

    is this tom from myspace lol

  8. 5/13/2009alanmills405 says:

    Twitter romance. 140 days. Not enough

  9. 10/18/2012Ruby says:

    mmmhmmm so bad, that this actually happens, it’s like all human connection is going out the window

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