I fell in love. He didn’t.

—Helena Bradford

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  1. 2/28/2009Denee Cruz says:

    Story of my last few months

  2. 2/28/2009Lola says:

    The opposite is just as bad. This is how friendships get ruined!

  3. 3/1/2009sqrz says:

    Wow, this is a great one.

  4. 3/2/2009M. Sekona says:

    1) Sad endings are merely unfinished stories.

    2) In time, everything gets washed away.

    3) All we leave behind are legends.

    4) The most important question to ask:

    5) Will mine be worth telling again?

    6) Make the answer: “Yes, yes, yes.”

  5. 3/2/2009Anne says:

    Simple but definitely relatable. :) Well done.

  6. 3/3/2009Alex says:

    aww soo sad…but don’t you hate dat

  7. 3/14/2009Jozlynne Zbichorski says:

    He told me he did but he can’t anymore. It’s the most heartbreaking feeling I’ve ever felt.

  8. 4/7/2009Linnéa says:

    So true. I’m there right now. Heartbroken.

  9. 4/28/2009amanda says:

    feel this. we all do.

  10. 5/25/2009bea says:


  11. 9/14/2009Yshura says:

    <3 Beautifully simple.

  12. 4/26/2010Katie Rose says:

    been there done that unfortunately…c’est la vie!

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