God gave us His suicide note.


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  1. 3/27/2009KingOfAll says:

    God committed suicide? Neitzche was framed!

  2. 6/27/2009Oops says:

    “Your turn.”

  3. 6/28/2009waldo says:

    god commited suicide, failed, went home.

  4. 6/29/2009Doug Rosbury says:

    Children make up stories to escape their boredom. The actual truth is avoided
    in the meantime in favor of the allure of the ego and its very limiting egotism.——
    ———–Doug Rosbury

  5. 10/30/2010theprettynoodles says:

    Really nice.

  6. 4/4/2012Phil lipson says:

    Man committed suicide. He found god

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