Met soulmate. Also met soulmate’s wife


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  1. 4/24/2009Brice Shultz says:


  2. 4/28/2009amanda says:

    that moved me.

  3. 5/17/2009sham says:

    that moved me too!

  4. 5/19/2009Anonymous says:

    Yeah, the rape was worth it.

  5. 6/23/2009Six Word Stories « Miraculously Unlame says:

    […] These really are fun to write- give it a try! Here are some of my favorites from six word stories: Met soulmate. Also met soulmate’s wife. Failed. Stormed. Blamed. Sulked. Understood. […]

  6. 6/28/2009anonymous says:

    ouch!!!!!! This hits me.
    Could write: Met soulmate, also met soulmates husband….

    Thanks for bringing it back….. ouch!!!!

  7. 7/12/2009Anon says:

    Oh, I know this story all too well. Really evokes strong emotions. Nice job.

  8. 7/20/2009D. Trader says:

    Isn’t that the truth!

  9. 9/13/2009Dene' says:

    Agreed. Crushing.

  10. 9/13/2009angelH says:

    this is kinda like the governor of South Carolina. . .

  11. 1/11/2010Goose says:


  12. 4/13/2010MyK says:

    What I’ll say has been said. Let me try a different way. Risks not taken are lives lost.

  13. 7/14/2010Knob cheese says:

    So, you’re gay.

  14. 2/17/2011Rahnesong says:

    So you stole and rewrote a line from a Alanis Morissette song “I met the man of my dreams, then met his beautiful wife”. Good job on not being original or even very good.

  15. 7/29/2011Marty Schoenleber, Jr. says:

    He is what he most loves.

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