Israeli-Palestinian peace! New enemy: Robots!

—Zack Teitel

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  1. 3/14/2011Darrell Pitt says:

    Love it.

  2. 3/22/2014countrygirl61 says:

    1) One step. One unit. One honor.

    2) Hand to eye, the flag lowers.

    3) Tread on me. Hide and watch.

    4) From the sky, to the grave.

    5) One shot, one kill, one life.

    6) Do not run away, it follows you.

    7) Give it. Get it. Honor it.

    8) Today I will, Tomorrow I wont.

    9) Four walls, the bang, the panic.

    10) Do not judge, he says so.

    11) Trust all, fear all, tell all.

    12) One beat. Slow beat. No beat.

    13) To be you, is being everything.

    14) Trees, aiming at ten, its mine.

    15) One last step, freedom is near.

    16) Shoot to kill, kill to shoot.

    17) one pain, bleeding pain, null pain.

    18) Crack, snap, pop it’s done now.

    19) Two lives, one dream, broken life.

    20) Four legs, two legs, who knows.

    21) The smell, the sound, the win.

    22) The warmth ripped away, crying loudly.

    23)Take ten. Eat ten. Its mine.

    24) I see no lights, just stars.

    25) Colors don’t run, nor do I.

    26) Tis this place, I suffer in.

    27) Two lives, taken two soon.

    28) To the world, there’s only me.

    29) War. Daily struggles within. Why me.

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